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This is an on going collection of my designs and I am adding photos as pieces are finished and become available for purchase.  There are many items that are available for purchase, however some of these items have been sold.  Some pieces are one of a kind and are no longer available, while some can be duplicated.  If you are interested in an item that has sold, please contact me and we can discuss whether or not I can custom make you a piece.

To view an item just click the image and you can see more detail about it.


Beaded Necklaces


fire and ice necklace  choclate and pistachio necklace  macaw parrot necklace

Beaded Purple Ice Necklace  Beaded Turquoise Feather Necklace  Mother Earth Turtle Necklace

Beaded Buffalo Tooth Necklace  Beaded Wolf Necklace  Beaded Coral Snake Choker

Leather Beaded Choker  Beaded Rattlesnake Choker  Beaded Turquoise Choker on Leather Cord

Beaded Brown Hemp and Leather Necklace  Beaded Cougar and Leather Necklace  Beaded Eagle Head and Leather Necklace  Beaded Pony and Hemp Necklace





    blue sphere necklace

tennessee vol necklace


Genuine Flint Napped Arrow Head Gemstone Necklaces


Black Onix Arrow  Red Jasper Arrow Head  Canyon Marble Arrow Head Gemstone Necklace

Grey Serpentine Arrow Head Gemstone Necklace


Beaded Bracelets


Beaded Friendship Bracelets  Beaded Multi Colored Glass Bracelet  Southwest Style Beaded Bracelet

Beaded Bracelet in Silve,Gren,Blue  Beaded Bracelet in Gold,Green,Red  Beaded Bracelet in Gold,Blue,Red2

red turquoise silver cuff bracelet1


Beaded Earrings


red, yellow, turquoise dangle earrings

blue and pink dangle earrings  red, grey, tan dangle earrings  green, yellow, brown dangle earrings

Blackfoot Diamond Earrings in Red and Grey  Blackfoot Star Earrings in Yellow and Red  Blackfoot Diamond Earrings in Turquoise and Red

Blackfoot Dangle Earrings in Turquoise and Red  Blackfoot Dangle Earrings in Pink and Blue  Blackfoot Dangle Earrings in Pink and Grey

Tennessee Vols Earrings  Green Dangle Earrings  Fire and Ice Dangle Earrings

Beaded Root Beer Glass Earrings  Purple Ice Earrings  Glass and Brass Arrow Earrings

Beaded Turquoise and Clay Earrings  Beaded Turquoise EarringsBeaded Medicine Shield Earrings

Beaded Brown and Jade Earrings  Beaded Mocha and Bone Earrings  Beaded Brown Ice Earrings

Beaded Black Ice Earrings  Beaded Earrings,Silver,Green,Blue  Beaded Earrings,Gold,Red,Green

Beaded Earrings,Silver,Green,Red  Native American Turtle Earrings  Beaded Crow Earrings

Blackfoot Medicine Shield Earrings  leather and wood ring earrings  leather and hand painted wood earrings

Wolf Paw Earrings  Cactus Earrings  Native American Ice Blue Dangle Earrings

Native American Emerald Dangle Earrings    Blackfoot Beaded Black Fire Dangle Earrings

Native American Purple Ice Dangle Earrings  Indian Beaded Dangle Earrings  Beaded Diamonds

Southwest Style Beaded Drop Earrings  Beaded Pink and Plum Drop Earrings  Beaded Chocolate and Pistachio Dangle Earrings

Halloween Ghost Earrings  Halloween Bat Earrings  Halloween Pumpkin Earrings

Halloween Witch Earrings  Halloween Skeleton Coffin Earrings  Halloween Black Widow Earrings

Halloween Tombstone RIP Earrings   



 Beaded Animal Earrings


Beaded Yellow Nape Amazon Parrot Earrings  Beaded Yellow Butterfly Earrings  Eclectus Parrot Earrings

Beaded Coyote Earrings  Beaded Paint Horse Earrings  Beaded Brown Bear Earrings

Beaded Turtle Earrings  Beaded Blue Butterfly Earrings  Beaded Arabian Horse Earrings

African Grey Parrot Earrings2  Beaded Red Fox Earrings  African Grey Parrot Earrings1

Beaded Wolf Earrings  Beaded Paint Horse Earrings  Beaded Macaw Earrings

Beaded Horse Earrings  Gold Finch Earrings  Indian Paints Earrings

Fox Earrings  Beaded Grey Wolf Earrings  Beaded Red Cardinal Earrings

Beaded Grey Owls  Beaded Brown Owl Earrings  Native American Beaded Eagle Earrings

Beaded Bay Horse Earrings   



  Penguin Earrings  Penguin Earrings


Gemstone Necklaces


black onyx arrow head gemstone necklace  green Aventurine arrow head gemstone necklace  picture jasper arrow head gemstone necklace

Unakite Arrowhead NecklaceBlackfoot Deer Bone and Gemstone Choker  Wolf Head Gem Stone Necklace 

Red Aventurine Arrowhead NecklaceBlack Obsidian Dog Gemstone Necklace  Blackfoot Bear Paw Gemstone Necklace

Red Jasper Arrow Head Gemstone NecklaceMayan Sun God  Blue Lapis Arrow Head Gemstone Necklace

Red Marble Lizzard Gemstone NecklaceAmethyst Bear Paw  Bear Head Medicine Shield

Medicine ShieldStanding Bear Necklace  Snowflake Obsidian Necklace

Red Hawk ChokerMagnesite Necklace  Amethyst choker

Lapis chockerJade Arrowhead Necklace  Eagle Necklace

Deer Bone Arrowhead NecklaceDeer Bone and Brass Necklace  Sesame Jasper Gemstone Necklace

Beaded Tiger Eye Arrowhead ChokerPink Pearls and Rose Quarts Necklace Set  Italian Onxy Gemstone Necklace and Earring Set

Green Aventurine Spike Necklace2Yellow Turquoise Gemstone Necklace

Gemstone Earrings


Jade Gemstone Thunderbird Earrings  Gemstone Zuni Bear Earrings  Purple Amethyst and Pearl Earrings

Green Aventurine and Bone Earrings  black onyx arrow head earrings


Gemstone Bracelets


Magnesite, Red Jasper, Black Onyx Gem Stone BraceletFish Green Glass Lampwork Bracelet  Natural Bone and Horn Bracelet

Dark Green Aventurine Gem Stone BraceletDeer Bone and Howlite Bracelet  Jasper, Hemitate, and Turquoise Bracelet

Malachite Gemstone Chip BraceletLapis Gemstone Chip BraceletJasper, Hematite, and Turquoise Gemstone Chip Bracelet

Hematite Gemstone BraceletSandstone Agate Gemstone Triple Wrap Bracelet  Jasper and Turquoise Gemstone Bracelet

Jasper Gemstone Wrap BraceletUnakite Gemstone Bracelet3  Pink Howlite and Oyster Shell Wrap Bracelet


 Leather and Hemp Jewelry


double braided maroon hemp bracelet  braided wood and hemp bracelet  braided dolphin hemp bracelet

wood and hemp barrel braided bracelet  magnesite bracelet  double braided natural hemp bracelet


Beaded Brown Hemp Bracelet with hand painted wooden beads  Beaded Nat Hemp and Wood Ring  men's black and tan leather bracelet

Beaded Tan Leather Bracelet with gold and brown glass beads  hemp wood and blue bead earrings  men's brown and white leather bracelet

Beaded Black Leather Bracelet with red glass beads  Tan Leather and Green Pony Beads  Nat Hemp and Emerald Glass

hemp and hand painted wood bracelet   





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