American Indian Beaded Earrings

American Indian Beaded Earrings

I love making American Indian Beaded Earrings.  They do not take as long as the animal style earrings.  The designs and color combinations are endless.  These earrings are more in keeping with the traditional types of American Indian Earrings and they keep me connected to my heritage.  It would seem to be that you all like them as much as I do, they don’t last long in the store.  So I guess I better get busy and I hope you enjoy these! 😀

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Blackfoot Dangle Earrings in Pink and Grey  Blackfoot Dangle Earrings in Pink and Blue  Blackfoot Dangle Earrings in Turquoise and Red

Blackfoot Star Earrings in Yellow and Red  Blackfoot Diamond Earrings in Turquoise and Red  Blackfoot Diamond Earrings in Red and Grey

Brown and Turquoise Diamond Earrings  Blue and Gold Drop Earrings  Blue and Lime Drop Earrings

Purple Ice Dangle Earrings  Beaded Crow Earrings  Native American Beaded Eagle Earrings

Southwest Style Beaded Drop Earrings  Beaded Pink and Plum Drop Earrings  Beaded Chocolate and Pistachio Dangle Earrings

Blackfoot Beaded Black Fire Dangle Earrings    Native American Emerald Dangle Earrings

Native American Ice Blue Dangle Earrings  Native American Purple Ice Dangle Earrings  Indian Beaded Dangle Earrings

Beaded Diamonds  Cactus Earrings  Wolf Paw Earrings

Blackfoot Medicine Shield Earrings  Native American Turtle Earrings