Spider Medicine – Weaving

Spider MedicineSpider wove the web that brought humans the first symbols of the alphabet.  The letters were the angles of her web.  One of the animals asked her why all of the lines looked like angles, Spider replied that in time humans would become more complex and there would come a time when the ‘Ones’ to come would be much more complex and they would not remember how to read the picture stories.  They would learn to make records of their ‘Walk of life’.

Spider’s body resembles the number eight, a segmented body with eight legs.  She is the symbol of infinite possibilities of creation.  The eight legs represent the four winds of change and the four directions of the medicine wheel.  Spider reminds us not to get caught up in the web of illusion, and that fate is not set in stone.  Humans have the propensity to get tangled in their own webs of disillusion of the physical world and not be able to see the horizon or that there are other dimensions of life.  Allowing fate to drive ones life does not include any alternatives or solutions for change.

If you get caught up in Spiders web of illusion,  you could end up being consumed by fear and limitations.  Spiders biggest message to you is to create, she represents the female energy and is the force that drives the creative nature of humans.  If Spider has dropped into your thoughts today She may be telling you to create change in your life.  Look around, are you allowing the illusion of life to entangle you in negativity?  Are you being critical of others?  Are you envious of others success?  She reminds you to use the positive energy of others success to propel you into your own creative juices of accomplishments.