The Parrot Collection

The Parrot Collection

My husband and I have two fourteen year old African Grey Parrots, Carlie and Dylon.  We have had them since they were 4 months old and over the years we have learned much from living with them.  My husband Bob has an African Grey Parrot web site that gives all kinds of information on care, feeding, and housing and much more.  It’s a great site so if you have time take a peek at it here..

I have spent many hours designing beaded jewelry for the parrot lover and I wanted to put them all in one place so that they would be easy to find.  If you are a parrot lover or have parrots of your own and would like to have some jewelry depicting them I think you will find something here to suit your liking.  If you have a special winged friend that you would like a piece of jewelry to wear and I don’t have it here, drop me an e-mail I can create a special parrot piece for you.


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  African Grey Parrot Earrings2  Beaded Yellow Nape Amazon Parrot Earrings

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