Wolf Medicine – Teacher

Wolf MedicineWolf is the teacher, that of wisdom and knowledge.  He is the teacher of new ideas and thoughts.  The moon is his power ally and his howling is a call to the ancients.  Wolf takes one mate for life and is a very strong advocate of family.  Seek out your elders and ask them to tell you about your ancestors, when you learn about your heritage and culture then you will have a better understanding about yourself.

One of Wolf’s greatest gifts is to teach the lesson of loneliness. He urges you to seek out quite places that make you feel safe and offers a special power for yourself, void of all distractions and other people. When you can master being comfortable with yourself and find comfort in solitude then you will be able to open up to the teaching of the ancients. Only when you are able to lose all of the distractions in life will you be able to connect to wolf and become the teacher yourself.

If wolf is calling to you now he is telling you to seek out your own teachers or pathfinder so that they may show you the way to new life experiences.