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Eagle Medicine – Power of the Great Spirit

If you have Eagle Medicine then you are truly connected to the higher realms of being. To soar with the Eagles is to touch the sky, when you see the world from the eyes of the Eagle you are connected to all that there is. Eagle Medicine is about walking in balance. The everyday pressures and struggles of life can cause your spirit to be loaded down and it is hard to see the bigger picture of the universe. Having…

Native American Wisdom - Animal Medicine

    The gathering power of squirrel medicine is a great gift. I teaches you how to gather and store your energy for times of need. It teaches you to reserve something for future use, whether it be a judgment, an opinion, a savings account, candles, or extra food. In today’s times and fortunes, it is the

    Squirrel Medicine – Gathering

    Hummingbird is associated with the Ghost Shirt religion, which taught that a certain dance done properly would bring about the return of the animals, and the white people would disappear. Once again the Original People would know the joy of the old ways. Humming bird can give us the medicine to solve the riddle of


    Ant Medicine is very powerful indeed. Dedicated to the group-mind and the ability for self-sacrifice, but Ant’s biggest gift is that of patience. Ant people are active and community-minded who see the greater needs of their town, they are planners and are content to see their dreams being built a little at a time, and

    Ant Medicine – Patience

    Spider wove the web that brought humans the first symbols of the alphabet. The letters were the angles of her web. One of the animals asked her why all of the lines looked like angles, Spider replied that in time humans would become more complex and there would come a time when the ‘Ones’ to

    Spider Medicine – Weaving

    Wolf is the teacher, that of wisdom and knowledge. He is the teacher of new ideas and thoughts. The moon is his power ally and his howling is a call to the ancients. Wolf takes one mate for life and is a very strong advocate of family. Seek out your elders and ask them to

    Wolf Medicine – Teacher