Butterfly Medicine … Transformation

Butterfly Medicine … Transformation

Butterfly Medicine has to do with ‘Transformation’, and specifically self-transformation. This medicine is about the mind and the ability to change the mind, thus changing your life or patterns in your life. Like Butterfly with his ability to change his self as he goes through the four stages in his development, you are in a certain position in your own life. To understand how to use Butterfly medicine you must first know at what stage you are in. When you understand this then it becomes much easier to make changes in your life.

1. The egg stage….this is where a thought or idea is born.
2. The larva stage….a decision needs to be made.
3. The cocoon stage….have I put forth the effort to develop my idea into reality.
4. The birth stage….completion of the idea and presenting it to the world.

When you can see at what stage you are currently at in your life then you can understand how Butterfly is relating to you at the moment. Using Butterfly medicine can help to push you forward to continue in your own cycle of self-transformation.

Butterfly is trying to tell you its time to create. It is time to transform an idea or thought into reality. Butterfly’s gift to the world is to show off his colors, reminding us that life is not stationary, but must continue to move forward in the cycle of life and dearth. If you have been dragging your feet against change in your personal life Butterfly is nudging your forward.

Sometimes we oppose change as it is easier to stay in a certain position rather than the effort it takes to make a change in our lives. Change can be stressful and uncomfortable but is necessary if we are to move forward. Like butterfly emerging from his cocoon you must also emerge, stretch your new found wings and learn to fly so that you can share your new colors to the world.

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