Deer Medicine – Gentleness

Deer Medicine – Gentleness

One day Fawn heard Great Spirit calling her to come to the top of Sacred Mountain. She immediately started up the trail that led to the top. Just before she arrived there, a fearsome Evil Spirit jumped out of the brush and tried to frighten her. The Evil Spirit took it upon himself to be the guardian of the path to Great Spirit’s Lodge. He was big and mean and wanted all of the creatures to fear him. He was jealous of the Great Spirit and didn’t want any of the other animals to be able to connect to the Great Spirit. He felt that if he could stop them from reaching the top that he would be able to control them and make them all afraid of him.

Evil Spirit began to blow fire and smoke at Fawn and make disgusting sounds in hopes to scare her away from reaching the top of Sacred Mountain. When Fawn was not frightened, Evil Spirit became angry and demanded that Fawn explain to him why she was not afraid of him and his power. All of the rest of the creatures that passed this way had been either so frightened of the Evil Spirit, that they fled the scene or died right there on the spot from fright.

Fawn gently told Evil Spirit to please allow her to pass so that she would be able to reach Great Spirit’s Lodge. Fawn’s eyes became filled with so much love and compassion for the nasty Evil Spirit that his cold hardened heart began to melt and he began to shrink down to nothing as his essence could not withstand the loving gentle compassion that Fawn held in her heart for him. Because of Fawn’s gentle ways the pathway is now clear for all of Great Spirit’s children to reach Great Spirit’s Lodge with out fear blocking their way.

The gentleness of Fawn teaches us that love and compassion is the only way to melt away the fear that resides in our hearts. She shows us the true way to unconditional love. Her dappled coat also shows that balance does allow for the duality of darkness and light, but if we view all situations of our lives through love and compassion that we can make changes in our own hearts and find true balance within our selves. Fawn also teaches that having the ability to love ones self will allow you to find the same love and compassion for others. Fawn asks you to find gentleness in your spirit so that you may help wounded and broken spirits to heal and find their own balance so that the circle will continue for all children of the Great Spirit.

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