Eagle Medicine – Power of the Great Spirit

Eagle Medicine – Power of the Great Spirit

If you have Eagle Medicine then you are truly connected to the higher realms of being. To soar with the Eagles is to touch the sky, when you see the world from the eyes of the Eagle you are connected to all that there is.

Eagle Medicine is about walking in balance. The everyday pressures and struggles of life can cause your spirit to be loaded down and it is hard to see the bigger picture of the universe. Having the ability to soar above all of these pressures is the gift of the Eagle.

Eagle builds his nest high atop the cliffs where the air is fresh and clean. If your life is dragging you down it may be time for a change of heart. If the burdens are to heavy for you than it is time to seek out the Eagle. Acknowledge that darkness and light both play an important role in the evolution of the spirit. Both are teachers, but above all else, allow the light to cast out the shadows of darkness and know that duality is important for balance. You must connect to the power within and rise above the mundane aspects of everyday life. It is time for you to take back your personal power and not allow physical life to mandate your spiritual life.

Native Americans have great respect for the Eagle, for they know that the power he brings is the wisdom of the Great Spirit. The ability to know right from wrong and the strength to always do that which is right. If Eagle is calling you then you need to listen, he may be telling you it is time to take back your personal power and soar. Seek spiritual wisdom in all walks of your life and you will soar the skies and touch the Great Spirit.

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