Hawk Medicine – The Messenger

Hawk Medicine – The Messenger

Hawk is the Messenger of the Great Spirit. He teaches you to look at your surroundings and observe everything around you. He is trying to get your attention for there is a very important life message for you. Hawk will bring into your minds view things that you have been missing. Many times there is a life situation occurring or about to occur and if your not paying attention you will miss a great opportunity for yourself.

If you have Hawk coming to you in the physical, then you need to look inside of your self. Are you using the power that you process, the power of intuition? Are you having trouble finding the solutions to immediate life situations because you have become too involved and not using your power of observation? You are only as powerful as your capacity to perceive, receive, and use your abilities.

Hawk is telling you it is time to ground yourself and walk a balanced road. His keen sight allows him to view things from a very far hight. In this way he sees everything. He sees all side of a situation, which allows him to discern the truth in all matters. When you are emotionally attached to a situation it is impossible to be the observer. If you are being asked to be a messenger, then you must not interject your emotions or opinions, it is up to the receiver to decide what the message is, other wise it would be tampering. There are 4 lessons that Hawk teaches us and they are very important, when you can master these lessons then you will walk a balance road and live a peaceful abundant life.

1. Open up to the powers of observation.
2. Do not tell others how to think or behave.
3. Take care of your own emotional baggage before you begin receiving, omens, visions, or messages.
4. Remember that all gifts are equal in the eyes of the Great Spirit.

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