Horse Medicine – Power

Horse Medicine – Power

Horse Medicine has to do with power, and more specific physical power and an earthly power. Before horse was domesticated people didn’t travel very far as it took too long and the trouble wasn’t worth it. When the people tamed the horse and started using them their whole world changed. Now they had the freedom to move about and the burdens of carrying their things with them became that of the horse. The horse became as important as fire. Even today the engine is referred to in horse power.

The four colors of horse is also represented in the four colors of the medicine wheel and the four directions.

The East (black horse) the power of entering the darkness and finding the light.

The South (yellow horse) the power of illumination, when you find illumination in your own life then you may illuminate others.

The West (red horse) the power of joy and laughter, when you can find joy in simple things and learn to walk through life with a happy heart then it is much easier to show others a different way of life.

The North (white horse) the wisdom in power, power is not to be abused but is to be used in a way that gives and creates knowledge that is a benefit to all.

If you find horse galloping through your thoughts then you are being asked to take a look at a present situation. Are you showing compassion, caring, and love to someone? Are you teaching someone that has sought you out by sharing your talents, gifts or abilities with them? Are you viewing a situation through your ego and refusing to see the bigger picture, recall a time in your past when you found yourself in a similar situation. Remember how you felt and now find compassion by allowing yourself to walk in another’s shoes.

If none of this rings true with you then there is another aspect for you to consider. Are you struggling with the aspect of others abusing their power? You may ask yourself, should I say something, or should I put them in their place? What you should do….if possible allow your knowledge and wisdom to come forward and show with compassion to this person the wisdom in walking a balanced road. Also know that each person is on their own path of experience and sometimes they must be allowed the freedom to learn their own lessons. Remember true power is the wisdom in walking a balanced life.

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