Owl Medicine – Deception

Owl Medicine – Deception

In Native American lore Owl represents wisdom, clairvoyance, and magic. If you have Owl medicine you are in deed very powerful. Owl feathers are sometimes called deceiver feathers as an Owl in flight can not be heard. This makes it a great hunter and it’s prey very nervous.

Owl sits on the East of the medicine wheel which is the place of illumination. With Owl’s ability to see into the darkness and see that which can not be seen makes it virtual impossible to deceive Owl Medicine people. Having the ability to see inside others gives Owl Medicine People the power of great insight, do not try to pull the wool over their eyes, they will see you for who you are. Owl will know you even better than you know yourself.

Being the symbol of wisdom allows Owl to see all truths, for true wisdom is knowing all sides to any situation. If Owl has flown into your thoughts today then you need to take a look at a present situation in your personal life. Allow your keen insight and silent intuition to reflect upon a present life situation and let Owl’s wisdom view all aspects so that you may see the real truth.

Another aspect for you to consider is Owl may be warning you that others are trying to deceive you. Use caution when dealing with people, and that may very well apply to someone you trust. Use the keen senses of Owl to discern the real truth, especially when dealing with matters of the heart. Pay attention to omens and let Owl illuminate the way.

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