Rabbit Medicine – Fear

Rabbit Medicine – Fear

A very powerful Sorcerer was out gathering herbs for her magic one day when she came across Rabbit, a great and fearsome warrior. They began to talk and to learn of each other. They found they had many things in common and spent many hours discussing and debating over worldly affairs, and over time they formed a very strong kinship with each other. As the days and weeks past they became great friends spending all their time together.

One day, while Rabbit and the Sorcerer where out together, Rabbit remarked to his friend how hot and dry it had been and that he couldn’t find water to drink anywhere. The Sorcerer, feeling empathy for her friend, picked up a large gourd laying on the ground. As she held it in her hand she waved her other hand over it and cast a spell. Instantly it turned into a large, cold bowl of water. She offered it to her friend smiling. Rabbit took the bowl of water and drank deeply all the while eyeing his friend warily. But said nothing.

A few days later the two friends where out scavenging for food and could not find anything for Rabbit to eat. Rabbit complained that he hadn’t eaten in days and wished he could find something to eat. Again, the Sorcerer wanting to help her friend, picked up a small boulder. She waved her hand over it casting a spell, instantly it changed into a large head of juicy greens. Rabbit wide eyed, but consumed with hunger, warily excepted the greens and devoured them. But said nothing.

Some days had gone by and the Sorcerer had not seen Rabbit anywhere. She began to worry if something bad had happened to Rabbit when she couldn’t find him. She searched for many days. One day she was out looking for him when she found him hiding in some bushes on a high cliff. “Rabbit, where have you been,” she cried, “I have been looking for you for days. I have been so worried for you.” Rabbit answered her saying, “I do not wish to be friends with you any more, go away and leave me alone.”Rabbit

Heart broken and shocked the Sorcerer couldn’t understand why Rabbit didn’t want to be friends anymore. Rabbit took off running along the cliff path. The cliff was made of loose shell and he lost his footing and fell off the cliff tumbling down the mountain side. Horrified, the Sorcerer ran after him, sliding down the cliff after Rabbit. She reached him at the bottom, where he lay broken and twisted.

Torn with grief, the Sorcerer waved her hands over Rabbit casting a spell and fixing his broken body healing him back to health. Rabbit sat up and pushed her away screaming, “Go away, I don’t want to be friends with you any more. The things you have done scare me and I am afraid of you. Leave me alone!”

Saddened and heart broken the sorcerer tells Rabbit, “You have wounded me with your words. I have only wanted to be your friend and these last few days I have been worried sick for you. I have only wanted to help you as you were my friend. I curse you now. From this day forward, you and all of your generations will experience fear. When you are out foraging and Hawk can not see you, you will call out to him to hear you. You can never again hide from the hawk. What you fear the most you will call onto yourself.”

That is how Rabbit got his fear. Never again will he be able to hide from his fear and thus it is carried on through out all of his generations. That which he fears he will call onto his self. Rabbit teaches us that holding onto our fears and dreading the worse will bring into us the things that we fear. You must face your fears head on, for so doing the power they hold over you will no longer control you.

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