Turtle Medicine – Mother Earth

Turtle Medicine – Mother Earth

Native American lore teaches that Turtle is the first symbol for our great Mother Earth. It teaches that She belongs to both the Water and the Earth. It is Turtle that brought up mud from the bottom of the oceans to create the first land. Turtle represents the true essence of creativity. All life is created of the Earth and all life shall return. We must remember to respect and honor the gifts that Turtle gives to us everyday. Be mindful of the cycles of give and take. The Earth Mother gives us everything we need to sustain our lives and we must remember to give back to her. Do not abuse her.

In todays world there is way to much of that going on. The turbulent times we are experiencing on planet earth right now is a reminder to us humans that we are not showing respect and honor to the Great Mother. It is very important for you to remember that the Earth Mother does not need humans but that We need her, she will live on with or without us.

Turtle carries her home upon her back, it is her place of comfort and her place of protection. It is her shield against the outside world when she is feeling threatened. It allows her to return to the protective womb of the Earth until she feels it is safe to return to the outside world.

Turtle teaches us to slow down in our daily lives. Take notice of the things around you and take the time to smell the roses. If you rush the important things in your life because you are in to big of a hurry than you may miss something very important. You must also take time for yourself.

Turtle is a fine teacher in the art of grounding. If you find your self feeling the negative energies of others, whether it be in the form of jealousy, envy, or hate then you need to connect to Turtle and the Earth Mother . Hear the rhythm of the earth and align yourself with Turtle Medicine. Learn to walk a balanced road and you will create a peaceful and abundant life. By doing so you will show others that their negative thoughts and actions do not affect you.

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