Genuine Arrowhead Necklace


Genuine Napped Arrowhead Gemstone Necklace

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This beautiful Genuine Napped Arrowhead Gemstone Necklace is a one-of-a-kind piece. It features a wire wrapped napped arrowhead that was found in the wild. It is made using several gemstones for a very powerful necklace with added protection for the wearer. It’s made using 6mm wood agate, flat rectangle canyon marble, square tan marble, triangle fieldspar, gold tone brass round and oval beads, shell heishi. It is strung on Acculon stainless steel 7 strand nylon coated beading wire and comes with a gold tone barrel clasp and it is a heavy and feels really good around your neck, you can feel the power behind this piece. It measures 17 1/2“ from end to end.

Gemstone Properties

Gemstones and Crystals have so much energy and they can help you in your everyday lives. Sometimes it is hard to understand and figure out how to use them or activate their power for you over all benefit. These new Gemstone Necklaces are all created so that you do not have to know how to do any of this. All you have to do is wear them and they will take care of that aspect for you.

Wood Agate or Petrified wood has been around practically since time began. Under specific conditions the organic materials are replaced by agate, bit by bit, as it decomposes. Sometimes jasper, quartz and even opal can be found in fossilized wood. Most often it is brown, but can also be grey or green in color. A Petrified Wood Stone is a stone of transformation. It is extremely grounding, healing and protecting. It helps to calm your nerves and fears, encouraging feelings of safety, security and wellbeing. The petrified wood meaning is ideal for meditation, as it helps you to distinguish between what is important and what is not—helping you to stop focusing and worry about the little things. Due to the way it is formed, Petrified Wood healing properties are all connected strongly with the energies of the Earth. These stones carry powerful wood and earth energies to help activate and cleanse the root chakra and third eye chakra. For anyone that lives in the city, placing Petrified Wood stones in your home is a wonderful way to bring the vibration of nature in your home. They are also said to be great stones for business success.


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